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Accounting Department


Our accounting software team consists of people who keep on updating themselves with the growing need for the trade. Our team comprises of the leaders who have expertise in using the best financial and accounting software. These people have been guided and they have trained themselves to work in pressure and not let themselves demotivate if there will ever be the time of adversity. Our skilled accounting software experts are considered to be one of the best as they are easy to work with and they understand the needs of the clients, plan what have been assisted to them and make strategies and how to work on those strategies in order to achieve the long term goals of the organization. Each individual is given the task for which they have been hired so that they can work according to their skills and what they expertise in.


We make use of different software such as FreshBooks, Sage, XERO, and QuickBooks. Here we have discussed all the important features and versions of best-updated accounting software:

FreshBooks Services

SAGE Services

Xero Services

Freshbooks Services

FreshBooks is generally known for maintaining the invoices, accounting, and to give payments it is of the version, it is totally cloud-based with the security of your information.

Features of FreshBooks Accounting Software –

  • A user-friendly interface will easily systematize tasks like organizing expenses, generating invoices, tracking your time, and following up with clients in just a few clicks.
  • Manage bills and expenses with minimal paperwork
  • Organized in the cloud so you can securely access the software from your desktop, phone or tablet.
  • Colorful and intuitive dashboard with customizable invoices

Versions –

FreshBooks accounting software comes with three basic versions, which includes:

  • Lite – With FreshBooks Lite, you can bill up to five clients
  • Plus – FreshBooks Plus gives you an authority to bill up to 50 clients.
  • Premium – The most advanced version of FreshBooks is called Premium, which gives you access to bill up to 500 clients.

SAGE Services

Sage Business Cloud Accounting Software, is a cloud-based accounting and invoice management solution for small businesses. The software offers core accounting, expense management, project accounting, and compliance management within a suite.

Features of SAGE –

  • Easily manages cash flow and settle bills online
  • Fixed assets management and provides project management services
  • Provides excellent inventory and job administration

Versions -

Sage comes with different versions to serve you better, it has People, Sage X3, Sage 50cloud Accounting, Sage Intacct for financial supervision, Sage HRMS, Sage 300cloud, Sage 100cloud, Sage CRM, and much more.

Xero Services

XERO accounting software is known to save your time by being efficient and effective for your business requirements. XERO is considered best for startups and small businesses.

Offering Features –

  • Easy and smart accounting software for startups and small businesses
  • Send online invoices quickly with Xero
  • Categorize your latest bank transactions with so much of ease

Versions –

Xero offers three versions of accounting software as your needs:

  • Xero Ledger – Xero Ledger available for clients who need annual accounts preparation
  • Non-VAT Cashbook – The version is available for clients who don’t need invoicing or VAT reporting
  • VAT Cashbook – Who doesn’t need invoicing but do need VAT reporting